COCO Donuts is about small batches of handmade 24 hour raised brioche donuts for an ultimate experience of the artisanal donut. We wanted to take donuts to another level and revisit the classic donut dough mostly known through big American donuts chain by using the classic brioche recipe as the base of our recipe.

At COCO Donuts, we care about the ingredients and believe in a sustainable and integrated cuisine. We select local and/or organic ingredients to respect the environment and support the local economy. Everything is house made with love.

Our brioche dough is not vegan, nor gluten or lactose free, it contains farm and eggs butter (but no milk!), organic flour. Though we are working on a vegan, gluten and lactose free recipe.

FYI – Such as any artisanal brioche style pastries (croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche,…) our donuts are best to be consumed within the day and must be kept at room temperature.